Beach-Themed (and Not-So-Beach-Themed) Christmas Ornaments for 2014

Tradition dictates that this annual post be reserved for beach-themed ornaments. But we’re going to break with tradition for the first two ornaments.

IMG_9445This one obviously has little to do with the beach. I actually picked it up at Wall Drugs last summer during our trip out West. But trust me, even island girls wear boots, sometimes even on the beach.

IMG_9484In other non-beachy news, Baby-Girl and I picked up this ornament at Macys in Chicago during our Thanksgiving trip up there. I like mementos of our trips, but I can only stand so many knick-knacks floating around my house, so ornaments are a good way of picking up something I won’t be tripping over most of the time.

IMG_9478Interestingly, the Chicago Macys didn’t really have any beachy ornaments. However, the Belk near our house had plenty of beach-themed ornaments, including these two.

IMG_9443I found these at a little gift shop on our island earlier this year. I don’t know who made them, but I like the white, almost distressed look to them.

IMG_9437Another of our local gift shops carries this oyster shell Christmas ornament, but it’s available from Mud Pie.

flame-surfboard-ornaments-9While we have the surfboard, a beach icon, represented in other ways in and around our house, I don’t have any surfboard ornaments on my tree. I thought these from Christmas in Prescott might be fun.

silver sand dollarIn the world of Etsy, I found these sand dollar ornaments. Look closely; these CereusArt ornaments are silver.

rope knot ornamentIt also dawned on me that I don’t have a rope knot anywhere in the house. Given all the other coastal items we call ours, I now think I need a rope knot ornament like this one from Etsy’s SeashellCollection.

Finally, as soon as I finish grading my exams, I intend to return to tradition with my annual children’s Christmas books post. Because it ‘tis the season, y’all.

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