The Christmas Giveaway Winner Announced!

IMG_9162Sorry, y’all. It’s been one of those weeks. You know those weeks you have when you have a cough that keeps you up at night, when you have a you-have-to-leave-your-home-and-look-presentable event every night of the week, when you have to finish grading all your students’ research papers and writing all your exams, when you have drama yet to be disclosed, and when, midway through all that, your daughter cracks her open head on the playground at school? (She and her glued head are fine, by the way.)

So all that was fun. And now here I am, making my previously-scheduled-for-Tuesday announcement on Saturday night. My apologies.

Without further ado then, the winner of the Christmas giveaway is Kathy! Kathy, please contact me so I can send the linens your way! And thanks so much to all who entered!


Coming soon (barring another fresh round of the above-mentioned drama): My Annual Christmas Beach-Themed Ornaments Post

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