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  • To New England and Beyond: Part One

    Last month, we took a multi-purpose trip involving business, education, pleasure, and nuptials. I have mixed feelings about multi-purpose travel: on one hand, you take care of business in one fell swoop. On the other hand, it turns out to be quite the swoop. We wanted to get the bulk of the driving over with […]

  • Island Life
  • Happy Fourth!

    We recently returned from a trip to New England where, among other things, we were able to see and stand on some of the first New World land that voyagers saw and stepped on when they arrived at these shores. Each time, on each spot landmarked or otherwise, I found it impossible, despite the many […]

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  • The Summer List for 2017

    It’s officially summer and therefore time for the annual summer list of 2017.  Years ago, I started making lists of things I wanted to do during the summer to fully celebrate the start of the season, things like making a pitcher of pink lemonade and napping in a hammock. The list has grown over the […]