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  • Cold Beach Weather and Flying Chickens

    My heart goes out to my snow-drenched and winter-weary friends in the North. All my winters in Chicago taught me that by this point in the year, most people living north of the Mason-Dixon were ready for winter to be over weeks (or even months) ago. In the coastal South, where we are experiencing “colder […]

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  • Find Another Way

    Here’s the inspirational part of this post that could show up on a motivational poster: Sometimes, you just have to get out there. So when the water’s a bit too cold for your tastes, you just find another way. And here’s the reality part that won’t show up on any posters (except maybe the ones […]

  • Island Life
  • Just Keep Digging

    When I was a child, I decided to dig a tunnel to China. Tales of the endeavor’s high failure rates had reached my ears, but I reasoned this was due to a lack of tenacity and perhaps to digging too close to the earth’s hot center.  So if I just kept digging, I reasoned, and […]