Thanksgiving and Rugged Blessings

I went for a run earlier this week that ended up not involving any actual running. While I wasn’t running, I thought about Thanksgiving, and about how life can be filled with strange blessings and rugged beauty that is sometimes most present in the rebuilding of what has been lost.

Living by the ocean has taught me much about swift and sudden change, about life’s give and take, about the ebb and flow that exists, in some form, in all things. I’ve learned, through my years of watching, of how even something as vast as the Atlantic can change in a half-breath, of how it is no less subject to the laws of nature than we are ourselves.

I hope, whether our seas are charged or still, that we all may find reasons to give thanks this year. May it be well with our souls.

Thanksgiving blessings to all y’all.

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