Lives Made Pink

When our lives were just about two little boys, it mainly involved things like this,


and this.

Basically, we focused on general adventure-type activities, where my primary responsibility was to ensure everyone simply made it through the adventure, preferably but not necessarily intact.

Since we added a girl to the mix more than five years ago, the focus and the balance of power has shifted. Now, we are much more about things calm, creative and especially, things pink.

Until baby-girl came along, we really didn’t do much in the way of crafts. However, with my daughter now assisting in the steering of the Island Family ship, we craft frequently and mostly in pink. The boys’ disinterest in pink is frankly, for the captain, irrelevant information.

With the boys, hair also has always been inconsequential at best. Now, when our girl “does hair,” meaning she manipulates my hair into something resembling an 80s version of Cyndi Lauper’s hair, she always incorporates multiple hair accessories, all with varying shades of pink. Naturally, baby-girl insists on documenting the hairdos by taking her own pictures of her creations.

As you’d expect, her swimwear always incorporates moderate to overwhelming levels of pink. FYI, we also have pink buckets, pink shovels, pink sand castles molds, pink floatation devices and the like.

Even when she temporarily parts ways with pink, opting out of the initially-chosen pink dress for an Easter egg hunt, for example, she doesn’t move far. In the picture above, her red shirt has pink accents, her socks are pink, and of course her Easter basket is also a bright pink. So she never totally lost sight of the North Star.

And even if there’s no pink immediately apparent in our jellyfish friend, we follow it along the ocean’s edge, because she’s confident that there are shades of pink deep within that jellyfish if we just look hard enough.

What a difference the introduction of 5 pounds and 13 ounces of pure baby girl makes.

7 Replies to “Lives Made Pink”

  1. Oh so true. Little girls have the ability to cloak everything in pink. I have two girls, no boys, so we are well and truely pinked here!!

    1. Wow, with two girls, you must be bathing in it! I can’t imagine what our house would be like if my daughter had an accomplice. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Just wanted you to know I do read your blogs. LOVE them especially the pics of “our” children. tell them hi
    lots of love

    1. You are so sweet. I’m so glad to hear that. Lots of love to you!

  3. The introduction of pink (and now purple) to our house has been an interesting trip in a parallel universe. I’m a tomboy with a girly-girly oldest daughter. As long as she has her pink polka dotted rain boots, we’re fine. Otherwise, watch out. My youngest daughter has yet to show any preference for anything beyond her brother’s trains and food on other people’s plates.

    I am glad I had the boys first. It made being a mom easier for me to adjust to since I am a tomboy. If the sweet girly-girl had come first, I’d be a mess. I am delighted the girls are a part of our family. Now if only I could keep the second boy out of his sister’s rain boots….

  4. This pink rage is such a common female gene. Enjoy it now, though. In my experience the quit wanting it around age 14…such a sad turn of events for Mom.

  5. My niece is all girl and all pink and purple. My sister is not. So it is interesting to watch her deal with the pink and purple invading her house. I didn’t help by making pink and purple ribbon barrettes for the little lady.

    So girly…she only wants to listen to the princess Disney songs and they must be sung by a girl. She was so happy to find out that the Christmas tree was a girl because it had a tree skirt. And she wouldn’t go to Santa, only Mrs. Claus.

    My poor sister.

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