Storybook Beach Days

One afternoon last week, we picked the kids up after school and headed to the beach for our last after-school stop before the time change. (This time of year, that hour of afternoon light makes a noticeable difference.) I’d planned this a couple of days earlier, and I’d packed snacks and beach gear in advance, […]

They Got Along

Lately, my youngest two children have come together over a shared purpose: keeping their parental units in a state of elevated blood pressure by arguing over all things inconsequential. Just as I once mentioned how diapers are as malodorous on the island as they are on the mainland, so also island kids can and do […]

Lives Made Pink

When our lives were just about two little boys, it mainly involved things like this, this, and this. Basically, we focused on general adventure-type activities, where my primary responsibility was to ensure everyone simply made it through the adventure, preferably but not necessarily intact. Since we added a girl to the mix more than five […]