I present to you my gallimaufries.

1. Super Bowl Sunday

It was unusually warm here, even for coastal Carolina, so I spent the afternoon reading in our hammock overlooking the salt marsh. It was delicious, both the weather and the reading, even well into the evening.

This was taken at dusk, my favorite time of the day, while I was out and about during a brief respite from reading and family Super Bowl festivities. Yes, I’m an avid advocate of multitasking, by the way.

2, New Health Regime Updates: A Two-Part Report

Part One – Exercise: Exercise is going quite well, and is now a natural daily part of my routine again. I’ve rekindled my relationship with my weights. I can and do do squats while doing dishes (Please, please do not try to form a mental picture of this – I only bring it up in the interest of full disclosure and in an effort to be “real-ish”). Nothing gets in the way of my exercise now, not the small people, not extreme fatigue, not even chocolate milkshakes (See Part Two for explanation).

Part Two – Diet: Um, diet is well, going. Where, I’m not really sure at this juncture. The week went fairly well, but the weekend took a precipitous dip starting on Friday night with the Milkshake Experiment. Basically, I tested the idea of whether or not one could drink a chocolate milkshake while jumping on a trampoline. It appears that this combination feat is, in fact, possible and even easier than it sounds. So are other combinations, incidentally, like walking while eating guacamole and chips and lunging while consuming various baked goods.

In a nutshell, with it being the Super Bowl and all, we felt it was really our patriotic duty to make and consume foods as we were so moved on Sunday. For me, this meant making a cheeseball, banana muffins and cookies. For LCB, it meant making guacamole and a roast, as well as popping in the oven some pre-made appetizers that he found at the grocery store recently and just had to try out of morbid curiosity.

So you see what I was up against.

3. Painting the Interior of the Whole House

We made significant progress this week on painting the whole interior of our house (i.e., after seven seconds of encouraging words from me, LCB was inspired to stop at a store during his errands and pick out a paint swatch).

4. The Venus Flytrap

I’ve spent considerable effort attempting to keep our Venus flytrap healthy, keeping the soil moist and bringing it outside every day so that it can eat. But it hasn’t been looking good this week. Finally, last night, I killed a bug I found in the house and LCB fed it to the flytrap.

Look closely. My older son is certain the flytrap chomped when LCB first placed the bug in its “mouth.” Alas, the bug is still there. It’s not looking good, folks.

5. Church-Hopping Update

This week, I managed to actually concentrate during the church service, despite the fact that we had all three small people sitting with us again. In fact, I was so focused that I did not realize my younger son, just getting over a cold, had fallen completely asleep next to me until I, and several around us I’m sure, heard him very distinctly snore mid-sermon.

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  1. Wow. I like that word, and would try to use it if I could figure out the pronunciation.

    For the record, we’ve had a batch of swatches tucked behind a picture frame on the hall wall for months. I know what color we want. I just haven’t gone to HD or Lowe’s to pick up a gallon of it.

    I take The Cub to church with me. We bring his Children’s Bible and crayons and paper. That seems to keep him awake and quiet, most of the time. He hasn’t snored, but he does like to explain his drawings to me while I’m trying to listen.

    Did the flytrap ever eat the fly?

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one dragging my feet on the easiest step in the painting process – buying the paint. We do the coloring thing too, but my daughter has a habit of coloring very loud, or going back and forth about what color she wants, or generally doing something to make an otherwise quiet activity mildly disruptive. And, the flytrap still has the bug sitting in its mouth as I type this. I did read that tap water is not good for it, which I confess to having used, so I’m trying to avoid that now to see if it makes a difference.

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