The New Health Regime

Well, we are in a bit of a quandary about this New Health Regime thing now. And, yes, this is me making excuses about why the regime takeover has yet to commence.

But, they’re valid excuses.

First of all, we just got back on Monday from being out of town for two weeks, so we’re still trying to get everything back in order. (Wow, now that I’ve written it, that one sounds super lame.)

Also, we need to restock the house with diet-friendly foods.

If I go into this prepared, I suck at this.

If I go in unprepared, I suck more.

So, I need to be prepared.

And then, as LCB and I began discussing the New Health Regime, we realized that LCB has a myriad of business meetings involving restaurant meals and an abundance of 18 hours or more work days this month, which will prove a challenge to both his diet and his ability to exercise.

So, we’re trying to decide how best to approach this, since I’d really prefer to do it with him rather than alone.

In the meantime, we have decided on a pre-diet diet.

You heard me correctly.

And there will not be one of you who won’t roll your eyes at this next part, but I am so totally serious here.

I made a cheesecake.

Okay, go ahead, roll away. I know, I know.

But seriously, the cheesecake is totally justified. LCB loves cheesecake, and since we went back to the old house at the last minute for the holidays, I didn’t get to make him a cheesecake for Christmas like I had originally promised.

So, delivering on my promise is the honorable thing to do here.

Oh, and there is one other thing. On Thursday, when we were out shopping for the Epiphany present for the small people, leftover Christmas candy turned out to be 75% off at the grocery store. LCB and I each grabbed a handful of bags, and then, as we were walking away, all of a sudden, LCB stops and says, verbatim, “Wait. We don’t even have two bags per family member here. We need more.”

I laughed and then paused when I realized he was being serious. “But what about the New Health Regime?” I asked, hesitant about buying more chocolate for perhaps the first time in my life.

“It’ll keep. Grab some more.”

And so we both did.

If you care to know, we now have 22 bags of chocolate sitting on our kitchen counter. That means I will have probably thousands of little pieces of chocolate, all calling out to me with their little seductive chocolaty voices while I try to stick to some reduced-calorie meal plan soon. And, I can already see myself picking out all of the red and silver pieces to dish off at some function requiring Valentine’s Day candy. I’ve always laughed at the idea of doing this. Until now.

And sorry, LCB, but chocolate does lose some of its flavor after it sits around for a while, so I may feel pressured to consume it during its prime. LCB’s not a diagnosed chocoholic, so he wouldn’t know.

Perhaps we need to adjust our decision-making matrix a bit on this one.

At any rate, I’ve come across a handful of diet and fitness posts on various blogs this week, so I’ll just take this moment to warn you now. This blog’s approach will not likely be much like the other diet and fitness approaches posted out there.

An Island Mom’s not really going to be about diet and exercise advice.

Or best practices.

But, on the upside, I’ve already managed to involve cheesecake and chocolate, and I haven’t even started.

How about all of you? Are any of you on a pre-diet diet?

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  1. On a diet…no. On a the doctor suggested that I add jogging to my walking to get my cardio back up to par…yes. I’ve been out three times so far, alternating walking and running around the road that we live on. Our road is a two mile amoeba shaped loop. If you miss our house and go two miles, you will pass our house again. I need running shoes, though. But I did grab 4 Peppermint Patty Snowflakes the other day, and 5 Reese’s PB Christmas Trees from the bin at the grocery store today. We were given so much chocolate that I am trying to avoid that 75% rack. But the snowflakes and trees are small and individual and I could put a few of them into The Cub’s private treat tin, so it’s not so bad.

    And a belated Christmas Cheesecake sounds just right to me.

    1. Sounds like you are using a great deal more moderation than I am when it comes to candy. Sometimes, I slip a Hershey Kiss into the kids lunches as a little surprise, but only doing one at a time and only about once a month will probably add up to years of trying to get rid of that candy if that’s the only time I use it.

      Good for you with the jogging. Decent shoes will help, too, although I’ve never tried the high-end running shoes, so I don’t know if that makes a difference. Good luck facing your “amoeba.” 🙂

  2. No pre-diet or pre-pre-diet for me. I just don’t have the willpower. 🙂

    1. Yes, it takes a boatload of willpower to force myself to eat that cheesecake. 😉 Good thing I’m strong that way!!

  3. Mads says: Reply

    I have done the pre-diet diet thing. I’m what you might call a yo-yoer. In any case, now I’m starting to try what they call “lifestyle” changes. blegh. It all sounds terrible next to cheesecake!

    1. Yes, you are right, is sounds terrible. But, it will probably make your jeans look a whole lot better and feel a whole lot more comfortable than the cheesecake would. Irritatingly, my lack of exercise and my eating habits over the last few weeks have taken their toll. Best wishes on the lifestyle changes!

  4. Kat says: Reply

    I can’t say that I’m on a pre-diet diet, but I definitely get twitchy if we don’t have enough chocolate in the house. Marcus doesn’t touch the stuff, so the stash in the cupboard is all mine. Joy.

    1. Oh, it irks me if I run out of chocolate. LCB doesn’t get it. He’ll say something like, “But we have chocolate chip granola bars in the cupboard,” and he’s baffled by why that doesn’t count in my book. Quality also counts.

  5. Diet or no, one can never have too much chocolate on hand. Seeing your 12 bags of clearance candy warms my heart to know end. We’ve done pre-diet diets, as well. Onion rings and colossal brownie sundaes are usually involved. But who am I kidding? We haven’t ever successfully dieted as a couple. I just try to be responsible during the week, and let loose so as not to feel deprived on the weekends. Mostly. Except for nights where fettucini alfredo seems to be the only real option. (Read:I have zero willpower.) Which can be often. Running as helped keep the comfort food jiggles in check.

    1. In the end, running may end up being my strategy. I quickly realized when I finally started exercising regularly years back, that it meant I could eat more, which was the biggest motivator for continuing. Sad but true. Also, actually, it’s happy, since I get to eat more. 🙂

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