Hurricanes Florence and Michael

First, thank you for all of your well-wishes and prayers. While our house did receive some damage from Florence that we will be dealing with over the coming months, it fared far, far better than we expected. We are so grateful.

However, so many in our area are suffering, unable to return to homes, work, schools, and life as they knew it. The flooding in the Carolinas did damage that will take many months to restore. Please continue to support and pray for those who are hurting because of Florence. They need it.

Finally, my thoughts go out to the people of the Florida Panhandle and beyond today, as Hurricane Michael heads northward across the Gulf. Somewhere along the way during Florence’s hit, I saw an out-of-state sign that read, “Today, we are all North Carolinians,” and I remember being touched by the unexpected sentiment. This day, I think many would say this about Floridians. Our hearts and prayers are with all of you, my friends.

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