Latin #1

In another life, I taught an etymology class that focused on Latin and Greek roots, prefixes and suffixes. It’s a great way to improve your vocabulary by focusing on word parts that can ultimately be used to build any number of words. I thought I would add a category of posts that will feature some of these roots, prefixes and suffixes.  Note: These are not hoity-toity vocabulary lessons.  Rather, they are meant to be practical for the masses, and, on a good day, mildly entertaining.

So here’s the first Island Mom root, inspired by my more verbal half.

Latin root #1: LOQU, LOCAT

Meaning: speak, talk


1. Loquacious (adj) (-ous = full of): full of speaking, talkative

My husband is so loquacious I have to set aside time out of my day just to listen to him. I’m being serious here.

2. Eloquence (n) (e- = very, from): speaking with force, fluency, even persuasion

Fortunately for me, he often manages to speak with eloquence about topics I might otherwise find dull.

3. Magniloquent (adj) (magn = great, large): boastful, lofty speaking, pompous

At times, I might sound magniloquent when speaking about my children. At other times, not so much.

4. Circumloquacious (adj) (circum = around): using many words to speak around something and avoid the topic at hand

My husband loves to get all circumloquacious during an argument. It’s nails-on-chalkboard annoying, unless he’s doing it to someone else – then it’s more my-kid-just-tripped-face-first-in-the-sand entertaining.

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  1. Oh my goodness–you are killin’ me! Your writing voice is fantastic. My boys and I study Latin/Greek roots during the summer, but I must admit that your examples are far more entertaining than mine.

    1. Island Mom says: Reply

      Thanks! I learned to make my example sentences somewhat entertaining when possible after years of teaching etymology and grammar to high schoolers. There’s nothing like teaching 30 students crammed in a summer school classroom with no air-conditioning to make you try anything to keep their attention. Thanks for looking!

  2. OK…I just went back to read all of your Latin posts and I am hooked! You are now one of our official Latin teachers for our summer review! Thank you. And so funny too. 🙂
    We’ll look for more!

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