Another Weekend At The Beach

We went home again this last weekend.

I have to tell you, and I apologize for the recurring theme here, but the water and air temperatures Saturday and Sunday were every kind of perfect. In case you are wondering, this is the best time of year to visit coastal Carolina. I highly recommend it.

However, despite the faultless nature of the day, my younger son decided on Saturday that he was no longer going to go to the beach.


“No reason,” he explained with profundity.

I made some comment about how it would be a travesty of staggering proportions to stay inside on a day like this, which he responded to with, “Huh?” and then, “No fair.”

I love the severely inaccurate assessment of what is or is not fair by a first grader. It’s so illuminating.

My husband, being wise in the ways of boydom, told him he had to come out for a few minutes “just to try it.”

So, he did, and of course, once he got out there, he had no interest in coming back inside. In fact, after about five minutes, he called out toward LCB, his voice barely carrying over the sound of the waves, and said, “Thanks for making me go out on the beach, Dad.”

He’s something else, that one.

Of my three small people, he’s the one that varies his beach activities the most. Last week, for instance, he was mostly about the beach cart. His beach activity of choice this weekend was boogie boarding.

My eldest, on the other hand, is single-minded in his approach to the beach. The water’s where it’s all at with this boy.

I have no idea what he was doing here. When he’s out in the water, he’s in his own world.

My daughter has recently decided that she wants a starfish and a clam as pets (in addition to the two goldfish, one hamster, and two cats she wants). I tried to explain that those might be difficult to find, and that we have no place to keep them, but she was undeterred. Fortunately, halfway through her search, she forgot what she was looking for and began collecting shells.

Saturday night, I reached a new level of multitasking. Hold on to your hats, folks. Here it is: I blogged, enjoyed the beach, and spent time with LCB, simultaneously.

You should try it.

Except for the LCB part.

LCB’s taken.

And, he might find it weird if some complete stranger comes up on the deck and sits down beside him and starts working on his or her computer.

Although, now that I think about it, that could make for a great Candid Camera or Punk’d episode.

Let me know if you are interested.

And have connections in Hollywood.

4 Replies to “Another Weekend At The Beach”

  1. LCB, if your are reading this–turn away. Go ahead…I’ll wait.
    Now Christine, I am totally digging the Punk’d idea. We’d have to have cameras in place before I wandered onto your deck, laptop in hand, and started clicking away. After awhile, perhaps I could work in a few well placed comments about his personal habits that only you would know. I’m game if you are.

    1. Oh, my mind is spinning now with the possibilities. And you could take this one of two ways. One, either I’m as weirded out as he is, especially when you start bringing up personal habits (and couldn’t we have fun with that, by the way), or two, I act like this is perfectly normal. He’d be scratching his head trying to figure out what he’d missed, why we’re acting like BFFs who always randomly show up at each other’s houses to chat and blog, when here he somehow was thinking we (LCB and I) were going to spend a quiet evening together. He’d be driving himself crazy trying to figure out how he missed the memo about that night and trying to figure out who in the world you are. I love it! You’re on! 🙂

      1. I’m giggling at the possibilities…

        1. Oh, and they are virtually endless. A good time could be had by all. Can we bring Bacon Slayer in on it? He could come up about 10 minutes after you, acting equally at home on our deck. But you can’t address him as Bacon Slayer (funny as that would be in and of itself), because I told LCB that story.

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