I’m Spending Saturday Night Inventing A Rocking Beach Chair

I have this problem.

My favorite chair in all the world is this one. All the wear and tear on this one is from love. Well, and salt water.

But my favorite place in the world to sit is here.

Sadly, the rocking chair does not work especially well on the beach.

I don’t know this from experience, because I’m married to someone who operates under the assumption that, generally speaking, things should only be used for their intended purposes. Which means, among other things, that we don’t break many things. This is good. It also means I haven’t taken the rocking chair on the beach despite my illogical urge to try something I already know won’t work well.

This is probably for the best.

But still.

I’m wondering if there is some type of device that one can put on the bottom of the rocking chair to make it rockable, without breaking it of course, in the sand. I’m sitting here, picturing a device not unlike a snowshoe that could be placed on the bottom of the rocking chair.

See, this is what I do with my time when I should be helping my husband make dinner.

A more rational wife would, instead, go prep the broccoli and potatoes for dinner so my husband can cook them (I’m basically the prep chick in this relationship), and, while doing so, explain the concept to her engineer husband to see if he could develop something that might in fact, work.

But no.

Let the former English teacher, without an ounce of engineering prowess, work on it, in her head, to create the perfect beach rocking chair that will only ever exist in her head.

It all makes sense.

Welcome to a typical Saturday night for us.

Have a good one, y’all.

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