Greek #3

Root: MISO

Meaning: hate


  1. misanthrope (n) (anthrop = humans): a person who hates people

You know what a really fun reality show idea would be? Take a misanthrope and place him/her in the middle of one of the most populous cities in the world. Then, give him/her a studio apartment to share with five or six roommates. This, I believe, would beat out all of the Real Housewives shows in the ratings, providing the misanthrope is reasonably attractive and slightly unstable in ways beyond his/her misanthropy.

2. misogynist (n) (gyn = woman): a person who hates women

I once had a boss who I believe was a misogynist. While this was not good for me nor over 50% of his employees, it had to be a serious blow for his wife.

3. misologia (n) (log = word, speech, study, idea): the hatred of speech, discussion, or any mental activity

Misologia is a foreign concept to LCB. He loves learning, and even more than learning, he loves delivering a monologue dialoguing about what he’s learned. We actually once had a neighbor who I believe could be considered a misologist, and my husband always walked away from their brief exchanges scratching his head.

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