Greek #9

Root: PATH, PATHOS Meaning: feeling, suffering, disease Words: apathy (n) (a- = not, without): without feelings, not caring about something There once was an apathetic nihilist. He never did anything of any interest to anyone really, since in his mind, nothing ever mattered anyway. Frankly, he was rather bored with himself, but he didn’t see […]

Greek #8

Root: ANTHROP Meaning: mankind, people Words: anthropology (n) (log = study of): the study of people I’ve always thought linguistic anthropology would be an interesting subject to study in school, but given that I’m married to loquaciousness personified, I have regular opportunities to conduct field research on how language impacts society and social life. For […]

Greek #7: Astr, Astron

Root: ASTR, ASTRON Meaning: star Words: astronaut (n) (nau = ship or sailor): literally, a star sailor As a teenager with highly-sophisticated tastes in film, one of my favorite 80s movies was Space Camp, where several teenagers attending a summer space camp are accidentally launched into space (a highly-implausible plot one can only accept without […]

Greek #6

Root: GYN, GYNE, GYNEC Meaning: I am woman, hear me roar! Words: gynarchy (n) (arch = rule, govern): government run by women Generally, I believe that gender should be completely irrelevant when choosing someone to govern a body of people. However, in the case of my family, I do feel it should be considered, and […]

Greek #5

Root: DERM Meaning: skin Words: 1. pachyderm (n) (pachy- = thick): thick-skinned, refers to thick-skinned mammals like elephants, hippos, etc. Last night, my younger son and I read a book about elephants, perhaps the most popular of the pachyderms. In it, the author describes how elephants throw dirt on their skin to protect themselves from […]