Beach-Themed Christmas Ornaments for 2015

Over the last several months, I’ve stocked up on beach-themed ornaments at some of the local shops on both our islands, and as tradition dictates, I’m sharing them with you.

IMG_9841I love Christmas décor that combines traditional Christmas colors with white-white backdrops, so of course I loved this ornament.

IMG_9807For the more whimsical ornament connoisseur, I found this crab.

IMG_9833Nautical rope knot, anyone? Thrice now, Baby-Girl’s mentioned her distaste for this because it doesn’t have enough color or bling. However, at this stage in her life, it’s still difficult to explain why one might intentionally design something without bling, so I rarely try.

IMG_9847Inexplicably, Baby-Girl has not commented on the lack of color or bling in this ornament.

IMG_9828This sea urchin lights up in red and green as an added bonus.

IMG_9912Like this.

IMG_9910And this.

IMG_9823Someone far more creative than I’ll ever be made this. Baby-Girl pointed out to me that if you sniff really hard in the back center of the starfish, “it smells gross.” You know, because who doesn’t immediately sniff all their ornaments upon purchase? She insisted that I try it myself, and I have to say that while I am unsure as to the exact nature of the odor, I would recommend avoiding the sniff test on this one.

IMG_9939IMG_9937IMG_9946IMG_9945Made by local artists and children, these ornaments are sold at an island gift shop whose proceeds support various needs within the families of the community. It kinda makes me want to go back and buy the whole display tree. Plus, then if LCB gives me the “Do we really need that?” look, I can respond in kind with the “Ease up, big guy. I’m simply loving my neighbor as myself!” look.

IMG_9864IMG_9852For those of you who don’t live on an island where island artists and beach themes reign supreme, I found these at TJ Maxx, so you mainlanders can still get your beach on via some of the chain stores and do it for a reasonable price.

IMG_9648Technically, my last and favorite ornament this year is more hobbit-themed than beach-themed, but it was made by one of my favorite beach boys, so I’m counting it.

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