Yet Again, I Still Haven’t Fallen Off the Face of the Earth

100_8761Yet again, I still haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.

I may have fallen off the face of sanity, but on the upside, I appear to still be terrestrial.

Here in the Island Family, we are in the middle of a three-month period where LCB and I mostly cross paths as ships in the night. Due to our current workloads, we’ve taken to calling it The Period of Demi-Hell. LCB has assumed some extra responsibilities, and back in December, in a moment of unbridled enthusiasm, I agreed to add a couple of British Literature classes to my schedule this semester. This basically means that I spend two hours a day trying to convince those-who-have-recently-come-of-age that dead British people who were once brooding and communicative have something to say to them that probably won’t change the world but that might be slightly more important than mastering their skills of simultaneous texting and talking.

This is just what I’m saying.

This is also why it’s taken until March for me to find the time to tell you I’ve picked up two extra classes. True, I’ve never been a “So here I am, midway through Vertical Velocity at Great America and darn! I forgot to secure my phone!” type of blogger, but let’s just say that my delayed response time has increased.

In other updates, the people formerly known as the small people are doing well: Baby-Girl’s chugging along at ballet and claims “it’s not challenging enough,” my younger son has finally mastered the beast of time management when it comes to homework by systematically “forgetting” about his larger projects, and my older son is experiencing any number of the joys that we all remember from our middle school years with great, great fondness.

Not to be outdone by all you Midwesterners, Northeasterners, and Siberians, we had a snow day last month. Ours, of course, didn’t involve any actual snow. I got an email announcing the decision the night before our snow day and honestly, I thought someone had hacked into our system, because at the moment, it a.) felt like May in Chicago and b.) I’d heard no rumblings of it earlier in the day (a snow day here is on par with world events like Armstrong’s giant leap for mankind– everyone’s talking about it). But let me just tell you, it was a good thing they did call off school, because otherwise we might have had to leave our homes and experience cold.

Don’t laugh; half of us haven’t ever had to build up immunity to it and the other half of us moved here specifically to never, ever have to deal with cold again.

In terms of the future, I’ve got several posts in various stages of construction, including another prequel installment on our big city to small island move, a post about how we are often better as people than our first drafts suggest (inspired by my writing lab gig), and a post about the time I thought I was dead. So it’s, you know, the usual stuff. Now I just have to find the time to write.

Hey, my students text and talk; maybe I’ll give simultaneous teaching and blogging a whirl.

And let me just tell you, that could make for some rather entertaining live-and-on-location posts. ‘Cause the bad boys have nothing on high school teachers when it comes to reality entertainment.

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  1. Glad to hear you are still terrestrial! I sort of wished I could fall off the face of the Earth in February, but am finally getting my feet back under me. I hope you are getting to that point too. Looking forward to the blog posts you have teased!

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