I Still Haven’t Fallen Off the Face of the Earth

This is just to say that I still haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. But, in defense of my recent postlessness, I’ve been grading fall-on-my-sword amounts of literary analysis papers for the last week.

Y’all, I’m a tad rusty after the world’s largest maternity leave. Nothing, nothing in the world of managing the small people has kept me conditioned for the magnitude of grading required of an English teacher.

My brain hurts, in the “Yay! Now I’m perpetually in character for an Aleve commercial audition” kind of hurt.

Oh, and I’m busy brushing up on my Shakespeare since we are beginning Julius Caesar next week. This has served to remind me of how old I am (despite the fact that I’m not quite as old as LCB). Why, you ask? Because, I’ve spent the week locating an old VHS copy of a biography on the life of Shakespeare I’ve used in my past teaching life, only to find that the Antique Roadshow-looking VCRs in the rooms I’m teaching in may or may not work on account of they haven’t been used in years. A sobering thought, as a side note, is that I am now teaching with experienced teachers who’ve never used a VCR once in their entire careers.

I feel as though I’m far too young to be experiencing these sorts of things.

As a third point in my defense, I’ve also been traveling the past couple of weekends. Two weekends ago, I traveled to two islands relatively new to me. Extra credit goes to anyone who can identify one of the islands I visited by the pictures below.

I’ll reveal the answer and post on the islands shortly.

Then, we spent last weekend at the old house, reportedly to do some additional clean up and maintenance after our last tenants. I can’t really confirm if any how much cleaning/maintenance was actually done, but I can vouch for how much of this was done:

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were all gorgeous days, so this was pretty much my all-consuming weekend activity.

Forgive me. The water was delicious, so sweet and still so warm.

Extra, extra credit goes to anyone who can tell me the poem and/or poet I’m tipping my hat to with the first and last lines of this post. 🙂

4 Replies to “I Still Haven’t Fallen Off the Face of the Earth”

  1. I know! I know! Too bad we moved or we could have met for drinks. Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

    1. I thought about that. That would have been a riot! It was a quick trip, but it was lots of fun!

  2. I could have met you there! Darn!

    1. I actually had my eye out for you, just in case! 🙂

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