I Haven’t Fallen Off the Face of the Earth

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Hey, I just wanted to let all of you know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth that, oh whoops, turned out to be flat after all. I just done got myself into a bit of a fix here, on account of a busted sink, a busted oven (yes, again!!!), a baby-girl starting her first year of school as well as two boys returning to school, an extra writing assignment, and oh yeah, a job that requires me to impart a wisdom I suspect I may have lost somewhere along the way to a group of students who are three days away from figuring out that their English teacher might just be a little coo-coo.

This whole situation is making me flirt with run-ons.

I’ve got tons to share just as soon as I find my mind and a way to add an extra 7.2 hours to the day.

Bear with me.

And stay tuned for post on things like:

1. The dork factor

2. “My oven is my nemesis” and other tales from the land of Kitchen

3. Holy cow, I just spied on my kids at school: How did I grow up to be that parent?

4. What happened to the world while I was on a giant maternity leave? No, seriously?

5. Faking it: A mother’s/wife’s/teacher’s/writer’s/person at the grocery store’s tale

6. The folly in giving a kindergartener money to buy her own food while you work a football game

7. I’m too old and possibly too pre-pre-arthritic for heels at work, but I’m going down with a fight (in the literal sense).

8. Who are all these “young” teachers, and why are there so many more of them than last time I taught?

I know many of you are busy as well, but I hope everyone’s surviving the back-to-school rush. And if I find the secret to adding 7.2 hours to the day, I’ll blog about it.

Right after I patent it.

2 Replies to “I Haven’t Fallen Off the Face of the Earth”

  1. Sorry to hear about your continued kitchen problems. I hate spending my time on broken appliances – they should just work. But honestly, if you were sailing through starting a new job, getting your children back to school (especially a new k-grader) and keeping up on your blog everyday without missing a beat, I would probably have to stop following you because it would be unnatural and I would be too envious of your life! Hang in there!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. Ah, well, the sink appears to be fully functional again, so I’m appreciating it on a whole new level now. My writing projects for the month are finished, and the small people are slowly (emphasis on slowly) getting into a routine, so that helps. And I’m adjusting to a new grading and attendance system as well as using a Mac for the first time in my life. So there’s an initial learning process that I just have to muddle through until I reach my comfort level. It’ll happen, albeit with more drama I’m sure.

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