Y’all, It’s Been Three Years


It’s been three years.

It’s been three years since the birth of An Island Mom. It seems like it’s been three days in some ways and three eternities in other ways.

To commemorate the major world event, I’ll share a few of the last year’s highlights, organized by category for your reading convenience. The categories are random and yes, I’m okay with this.

Embarrassing Moments: ‘Cause Where Would I Be If I Couldn’t Laugh at Myself

That Time I Fell (Yes, Fell) in the Ocean

Then There’s the Time I Fell Under the Minivan (and LCB Didn’t Notice)

IMG_5548Off Island: ‘Cause Every Now and Then We Venture over the Bridge

Far Above Sea Level

Savannah’s Christmas Glitter


Swimwear: ‘Cause, Um, the Title of the Post Below Pretty Much Explains It

Because There’s So Much To Say about Swimwear

IMG_5993Parenting: ‘Cause It’s This Thing I Do All the Time

Reading Little House by the Big Ocean


Education: ‘Cause It’s This Thing I Do Monday Through Friday

Things High Schoolers Never Say

IMG_6172Camping: ‘Cause I Know How To Turn One Night of Camping into Four Posts

Camping on Hunting Island: Part One

Camping on Hunting Island: Part Two

Camping on Hunting Island: Part Three

Camping on Hunting Island: Part Four


Weather: ‘Cause Islands Have Weather, Too 

An Island Weather Update – Okay, it’s mainly about the Jim Cantore clip.

100_3705Chocolate: ‘Cause It’s Chocolate

I Had Chocolate

IMG_7171How I Got Here: ‘Cause Some of You Have Asked

A Carolina Island Life: How It Came To Pass Part XII – Mainly, this is about picking up a story I love, one I paused for far too long.

More important than the highlights, however, is this truth: y’all have been such a blessing to me. Thanks for hanging with me.

I can’t imagine my life without you.

5 Replies to “Y’all, It’s Been Three Years”

  1. Somehow I missed the story about “Falling under the Van” so I’m thankful you added the link here. This had me laughing so hard I cried, reading your stories is almost like watching a video.

    My husband also can, and does, talk to everyone everywhere, so I can relate to the “mind-numbing obliviousness.

    Looking forward to many more years of your blog.

    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you can get some entertainment out of the story; it’s gotten funnier to me over the years even though I felt more desperation than anything in the moment. And I’m glad someone else can relate to the “challenges” of being yoked to a talker. My guess is you have some good stories you could tell yourself. 😉 Thanks again for your kind words!

  2. Happy 3! It is a pleasure for this Midwestern girl to read about your island life. Keep the stories coming!

    1. Thanks so much! I certainly intend to try!!

  3. Happy happy 3rd blogiversary!!!!!! Reading your blog is like hiding in the closet from my kids and eating all the chocolate I’ve stashed there. Because that’s when I read your blog. And eat the chocolate. And hide from the kids. Woohoo! Bliss!

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