As the Island Family Turns: Another Update

It’s been quite the week, y’all. I’d tell you about it, but frankly most parts wouldn’t make for a good post, and just thinking about it makes me tired. Mostly, I’m just glad it’s over, and I’m only really mentioning it at all so that you can be a little more forgiving of what will be a rambling post of mini-updates on The Fam.

Baby-girl, my youngest, has entered the I-can-outlaugh-anyone-and-Sweet-Mercy-am-I-loud phase. Not many people know it, but that tiny girl has the vocal power of an operatic prima donna. And, aren’t we so blessed now, she’s decided to take every opportunity to outlaugh the entire human race. It’s this loud, forced sound, during which her face turns red, and it lasts, on average, ten seconds longer than everyone else’s laughter, fading away only because of air constraints.

My younger son has decided that I should acquire an air horn for classroom management purposes. In other words, or shall I say in his words, “If two kids are talking in class, whip out the air horn and use it in their faces.” This he followed with, “That’d be so cool, Mom.”

Picture that one for a moment, folks.

So committed is he that he’s offered to personally finance the air horn. I tried to explain to him that it wouldn’t be so cool on account of how my colleagues in surrounding rooms would probably impale me. As expected, he didn’t really understand. To be fair, I imagine that if he ever is my colleague someday, he’ll be cheering me on. He’s one of those people that time won’t change much.

My eldest has joined a robotics club, which means he now comes home speaking at length about things that make no sense to me. I just nod, assume a supportive countenance, and pray he’ll never actually try to dialogue with me about his extra-curricular pursuits.

LCB has taken to keeping me up well past my bedtime watching Jack Vale videos. The fact that the simple ones, like when Jack stands on the street and randomly points right at people, leave me literally unable to breathe through my laughter is highly reflective of my immaturity.

Me? Let’s see. Lately, I’ve taken to sword-wielding at school while we study Arthurian legends. What else? Well, I’ve already narrowly escaped two complete and utter wipeouts while walking through the school parking lot this year, one in front of a great cloud of witnesses. And, I’ve officially killed another Sago Palm, this one in my yard, due to my insistence that good drainage would require too much work on my part is overrated.

Since a conclusion, good, bad or otherwise, is entirely beyond my capacity at the moment, I’ll leave you instead with a couple of shots of eventide on the island. Over and out, folks. IMG_5817IMG_5780


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