Stuck in Q&A Mode

In the last two weeks, I’ve written my end-of-the-year exams, my exam study guides, my last tests of the year, and my summer reading projects for the grades I’m teaching next year. (I’ll have more later on the uncharted waters my sails are set toward for the 2013/2014 school year.)

So forgive me, but since I’m in Q&A mode, having written more essay, short answer, and journal questions than any one woman should have to write in a lifetime, this post will be a series of haphazardly placed Q&As. Why break precedent, right?

Q: What do you do when you are a second grader and find a crab trying to hide in the sand at the water’s edge?

A: You repeatedly drop shells in front of it, just to make it pop out of the sand, claws extended.

IMG_5163IMG_5179IMG_5168IMG_5180You do not tire of this, even when the response becomes predicable.

Q: What would make a teacher fall and scrape up her knee during passing period while attempting to walk on a flat, dry, unobstructed surface, at an ordinary speed, to her next class?

A: If the teacher is a certain Island Mom, absolutely nothing.

100_7262One student later described Thursday’s incident as looking like I suddenly decided to sit down a minute (you know, on the floor in the middle of passing period with the teenage masses swarming around me). Yeah, that’s kind of like it felt too, except for the deciding to part. Of course, my lack of schoolmarm shoes that day probably didn’t help.

Q: What happens when a kindergartener gives an impromptu puppet show with her princess dolls?

A: You don’t actually see the puppets most of time.

IMG_5262IMG_5275But you do hear the riveting, high-pitched dialogue for the duration.  

“Do you want to dance and sing?”

“Oh, yes, please! But first, let me change my dress!”

“I think you should wear the blue one with the sparkles.”

“Oh, good idea, but I did wear that yesterday, so maybe I should try the yellow one!”

“Wait, wait, wait! I just thought of something. Maybe we should have tea first.”

“Oh, good idea!”

Q: What happens when you let your second grader take a video on the beach?

A: He follows everyone everywhere.

100_7027IMG_5215100_7022Also, you gain new insights into his mind, something commonly referred to as “The Enigma.”

Q: What happens when you live by a super-sized sandbox?

100_6976100_6973A: What happens is any number of variations of the above.

Q: What’s next up on An Island Mom?

A: Finally, as promised, I’m finishing up an installment on the series The Other Side of Crazy: Relocating to an Island. I’m slow, but I get there eventually.

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  1. Love the pics. Miss you guys!

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