Full-on Summer: Part Three

Last week, I wrote about various summer beach activities, including swimming, shelling, synchronized swimming moves, and beach games.

But as we all know, summer on the island (and off-island, I’m sure, as well) brings with it much, much more.

And so, what’s gone down on the island of late?

IMG_5483IMG_5440First, the storms that have swept over us and into the Atlantic have been a sight to behold, dramatic in their arrival and quick in their departure. Summer storms just make you feel alive somehow, don’t they?

100_7404100_7406As expected, the sea turtles have also arrived, leaving their marks up and down the beach. Some summer, I’d love to volunteer to patrol a section of the beach each morning, checking for turtle tracks that might indicate a new nest. As this may require waking up at the crack of dawn and acting coherently seven days a week, however, let’s just say I’m not sure that I’d be the right woman for the job.

100_7503Earlier this week, a boy on vacation with his family spent hours using a long stick to create these circle patterns up and down the beach. It was fascinating to see how focused and systematic he was, working his patterns across the sand.

100_7556Finally, my sons and one of their friends, a boy whose parents are cool enough to give their son a real shovel and not just a cheap beach shovel like some parents I know, spent the day making any number of sand creations, including this crop circle/fortress/sand swirl.

And then, as it always does, the tide came in, claiming their work and leaving behind a canvas ripe for tomorrow’s filling.

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