Full-on Summer: Part Two

My younger son is a great one for creativity. He can conjure up the craziest ideas out of seemingly nothing. Summer then, with all of its glorious release from structured activities, provides any number of outlets for him.

Allow me to share a few recent examples. 100_7308

This is the Call Me Flag Boy Game. In this game, you pretend your beach towel is a flag that you have been called upon to parade up and down the beach. You run back and forth while doing this and try to attract as much attention to yourself as you can. I can only imagine what the tourists around us think of “that little loco local boy.”

100_7312This is difficult to see in the picture, but when the wind pushed a beach chair over on my son the other day, he laughed and turned it into a game. You’re all familiar with The Beach Chair Is Eating Me Game, right? To play, you issue a high-pitched scream, you flail your arms and kick your legs wildly, and you fight against being consumed by an inanimate object. You’ve probably played it yourself many times over the years. It’s great fun.

100_7373And there’s my personal favorite, the Napping in the Ocean Game. In this game, in between waves, you lie down on your board and feign sleep. 100_7458100_7295Naturally, you can imagine what happens when the next wave comes.

I don’t know who laughs the hardest in this game: the audience members or the participant himself.

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