Greek #9


Meaning: feeling, suffering, disease


  1. apathy (n) (a- = not, without): without feelings, not caring about something

There once was an apathetic nihilist. He never did anything of any interest to anyone really, since in his mind, nothing ever mattered anyway. Frankly, he was rather bored with himself, but he didn’t see this as a problem, since he didn’t believe he really existed and wouldn’t have cared if he did anyway.

  1. telepathy (n) (tele- = far away): knowing someone’s feelings from far away

LCB and I have an uncanny level of telepathy. Like just now, he yelled from the other room and told me to stop wishing for chocolate. (As if.) It’s freaky really how he pulls this stuff out of thin air.

  1. pathology (n) (-logy = study of): the study of disease

My theory is this: If pathologists found a cure for chocolate-compulsive disorder, the profits from the sale of the cure would fund decades of research on all major diseases. So maybe in the end, chocolate would cure cancer and heart disease, in a roundabout sort of way.

Also, based on my observations and a series of heart-to-heart conversations with women of all walks of life, I believe the average woman would drop two dress sizes if chocolate-compulsive disorder no longer plagued my gender.

Just call me The Problem Solver.

Other words: sympathy (n) (sym- = together): to feel what someone else feels, antipathy (n) (anti- = against): to have feelings against

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  1. Well done! I’m not sure if a cure for Compulsive-Chocolate Disorder would be a blessing or a curse. Although I’d sign right up if it would somehow cure cancer. 😉

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