Disturbing Things Found at the Beach

1. Naturally, a shark once washing ashore in front of our house was a bit disconcerting. I would imagine it’s not as disconcerting as a shark fin (or fins) swimming in circles in front of your house, like in the cartoons, however. So I guess there’s that.

2. I’m sure they serve some essential purpose in the order of the natural world and all that. But they’re still gross to me. Sorry.

3. These next two, taken in early 2011, are disturbing only because of our latitude. On an Alaskan beach, for instance, this would mean all’s right with the world. In the Carolinas? Not so much.Okay, maybe it was a little cool to see. Cool and disturbing.

4. Okay, these are mildly cool too, but mainly disturbing.

Seriously, who does this?

Picture a middle-aged, suburban-looking couple taking their kids to the beach for a weekend getaway, dragging a mass of sand toys with them for an afternoon of fun. “Kids, what should we build today? I’m thinking maybe a castle, or a school of dolphins, or a mermaid or, hey, what about a screaming guy who looks like he was buried alive?”

5. This last one I kept going back and forth on, because frankly, it’s embarrassing. But I once read this essay on how writers, particularly ones that enjoy adding an element of humor to their writing, need to put themselves out there, to be willing to sacrifice all at least some of their dignity for the sake of their writing. Ever since, I’ve felt almost a moral obligation to share what otherwise would be immediately deleted kept extremely private. I feel as if revealing this side of me is like I’m taking one for the team (the team being all of you), much as LCB recently did and will do again next year, albeit in a course of action that for him involves chocolate and not an ounce of embarrassment.

So, here’s what was meant to be a (dare I say?) semi-glamorous shot of me by the beach, like the shots I see on so many other blogs, shots worthy of my covetousness.

I have no idea what my face was doing here or honestly, in practically every picture LCB my photographer took.

But I’m told it does that a lot.


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  1. lol… I don’t know you well enough to know what’s going on with you in that pic, but I think it’s a great pic. It’s somehow pensive and peaceful in the presence of the wind and waves. Very deep! 🙂

    1. Wow! You should be in PR or something. If I ever need a PR person, you’re hired! 🙂 Personally, I think I look like I’m trying to swallow rocks or something. And it drives me nuts that I have my eyes closed in 90% of pics. So, I much prefer your interpretation. 😉

      1. Glad I could be there for ya 😉

  2. Either one of the first two findings would kind of keep me out of the water… LOL.

    1. Well, certainly if either of them were regulars, then I’d be out, too! 🙂

  3. Love the snow pictures! I have some from St Simons back in the late 80’s when it snowed at our beach. BTW-I think the guy screaming in the sand is a sand-version of the Hans Solo ice thing from Star Wars. I think.

    1. Wow, I didn’t realize you’d had snow that recently really, being that far south. It’s really cool to see, isn’t it? Everyone put pictures of the snow on their screensavers, websites, phones, etc. afterward.

      I think you might be right about the Hans Solo thing. That was the first thing we thought when we stumbled on it. The creators were long gone, so I couldn’t confirm this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the intent. In person, the mouth looked really creepy to me.

  4. I don’t care how small that shark is…he & I don’t coexist in the same body of water. Period. Blech! But the Frozen Han Solo in sand form is awesome.

  5. Great photos. You look very Supermodel “I dont get out of bed for less than $10,000 an hour” in that last one!

    1. Wow, that’s a great interpretation. I think. 😉

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