When I Told Them About Driftwood Beach

When I told them it would be cool, they were skeptical.

When I told them this would be the plus side of being dragged along on a business trip, they didn’t buy it.

When I told them it’s one of my favorite beaches, they were unimpressed.

When I told them their car-weary souls would revive upon inhaling the sweet Georgia sea air, they sighed.

When I told them they could climb as long and as far as their limbs would take them, they moved out of the car with pointed lethargy.

And then I stopped telling them anything, because they were gone, gone, and gone,

and we spent the better part of two hours trying to keep up with them, listening for their calls and their laughter, doing a head count now and again: “One head, two heads,…wait, where’s our firstborn? He’s wearing red. He should be easy to find.”

Then I’d realize I was looking low when I should have been looking high, and there he’d be,

and I’d wonder if someday, years from now, he’d be the one doing the telling.

4 Replies to “When I Told Them About Driftwood Beach”

  1. Love this, the story and the beach.

    1. Thanks! It really is a great beach.

  2. That’s our beach! So glad your kids enjoyed the “playground”.

    1. Thanks! We loved it! I kept an eye out for four Wonder Kids while we were there! 🙂

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