Thanksgiving Weekend Beach Football

Hope everyone had a restful, food-and-family-filled Thanksgiving last week. I know we sure did.

The boys also got their game on this weekend. Their game of beach football, that is. The weather was beautiful Saturday and Sunday, calling us out to the beach on both afternoons.

On Saturday, my younger son decided they were going to do it right, and began the task of drawing the lines for a field on the beach.

Apparently too impatient to wait for the completion of the field, LCB (Loquacious Cabana Boy, otherwise know as my husband, in case you’ve recently popped in on us here) and my oldest son began playing around him.

A bunch of jellyfish that suddenly washed up on shore last week added an exciting “dodge the jellyfish” element to the game that maybe the NFL should consider as a way of adding a level of drama to the sport. Incidentally, I don’t know what it is and if I’m alone on this, but those things turn my stomach if I stare at them for more than three seconds.

On Sunday afternoon, the boys and LCB went at it again.

Here the boys stand, discussing what play they’ll use against LCB. It’s amazing how two boys with graduate degrees in how to get on each other’s nerves can show such solidarity in the face of a common rival.

And then, in predictable form, my younger son took a break from playing for a moment to go disrupt the seagulls. Off he went, running down the beach, waving a stick and yelling as he ran, and then laughing as the birds flew upward in a swirl over his head. He’s inherited none of his mother’s fear of sudden downward-headed droppings, clearly. Then again, he doesn’t have her history. Yet.

Afterward, my younger son decided to up the game a little by posting a “sign-up spot” for football, hoping some of the people walking the beach would volunteer to join in.

He wrote a couple of sentences about the whole thing, but that was the gist of it. Later, he lamented that perhaps he should have added a cheerleading sign-up spot as a way to encourage more participants. He’s always thinking, that one. And, even as we were packing up to leave, I watched him standing on the deck, watching a couple that stopped to read his words, waiting to see if they wanted to “sign up.”

If they knew him like I do, they’d have signed on the dotted line.

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  1. They look very happy…not exactly how you would have spent Thanksgiving weekend in Chicago, eh?

    1. Not even close, no. And I’m sure we’d have plenty of fun if we were still in Chicago, but it would be a decidedly different kind of fun. 🙂

  2. The sign up spot is too adorable for words. had I wandered past your boy’s sand notes, I would have immediately signed up to play. How could anyone possibly walk on by? 😉

    Oh, and the jelly fish thing? You are not alone. Those blobby things make my skin crawl & stomach churn all at the same time.

    1. Well, he’s already making plans for what he’s going to write next time we go out there to “draw in the crowds.” It’s really cute to hear. I may have to drum up some support from the neighbors pre-game next time, so he doesn’t get disappointed. I guess that’s where living someplace significantly more populous would help too, because there would be more people walking by to try to entice. This time of year, the crowds are gone.

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