An Invitation: Come Follow Me Along The Carolina Coast

So here’s the thing.

North and South Carolina have like a gazillion little islands dotting the coastline.

Okay, maybe not a gazillion.

But, there are quite a few.

Some areas, like the Outer Banks and Myrtle Beach, you’ve probably heard of. Others, like Carrot Island and Yoknapatawpha Island, may be new to you.

Okay, I may have made up Yoknapatawpha Island. It may in fact be an imaginary island based on an imaginary county (created for real by Faulkner) that I fear only exists in my head.

But, you get the point.

And if you don’t, just nod acceptingly here.

It will be better for all of us.

Anyway, North and South Carolina have a bounty of island destinations to offer the world. So, I’m starting a series of posts where each post will feature a different island in the Carolinas.

My experience with these islands varies quite a bit. To date, I have lived on three of them, I have visited many, and have at least caught glimpses of most, although there are a few I haven’t seen. So the information I will provide will vary quite a bit, ranging from what I’ve heard from locals and from the research I did while moving down here to what I know from living on these islands. I imagine I’ll learn a bit myself along the way.

My plan is to feature a wide range of islands, from fairly well-known islands to islands that are off the beaten track, loved by many but known by few. I’ll tell you about islands where you can find wild horses. (Yes, more than one island can boast this.) I’ll tell you where you can dine with the ocean underneath your feet. If you want to ditch your vehicle and travel an island via foot, bike or golf cart, there’s more than one island that can accommodate that too. And if you want to satiate your historical side, I’ll tell you about islands near historic districts, where you can tour homes and plantations and scout out the city via horse-drawn carriage if the near-perfect beach weather here just starts fraying your nerves a little.

So whether you’re looking for your next vacation spot or just want to learn a little about a quiet, unassuming little part of the world, stick around. I’ll feature the first island later next week.

Go ahead then, and pour yourself a cup of java, grab a map, and let me tell you about my little oyster.

7 Replies to “An Invitation: Come Follow Me Along The Carolina Coast”

  1. Awesome!! I’d love to learn about the islands. Do you live in North or South Carolina. I didn’t catch that.

    1. Well, actually I haven’t let that cat out of the bag yet. But suffice it to say, between the three islands I’ve lived on, I’ve covered both states. 🙂

  2. It’s funny – until I read this, I just assumed you were on Emerald Isle, NC. Now that I think about it, you’ve never said that…but we lived there when I was in high school and so my mind just made that jump. We’re sort of the reverse; we’re in the Midwest now, but in a much smaller city than Chicago! Love your posts & looking forward to seeing where you take us.

    1. Thanks! Emerald Isle is a very beautiful area. I would have loved to have gone to high school there. Instead, I went to high school in a smaller city in the Midwest. Small world. Well, maybe I’ll pick your brain a little when I cover one of the islands there! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Looking forward to reading these as we’d like to explore some of these islands

  4. I love how quiet and isolated it looks! Probably a great place to get lost in thought!

    1. Yes, although sometimes it’s a little too good, like when you need to get something done other than just relaxed thinking!

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