Coastal Mirrors & Guilty Little Pleasures

I have this relatively new guilty little pleasure.

It’s a blog I recently found, called Completely Coastal.

It has all sorts of beautiful things on it, things I dream of having in my house someday.













Like, the first post I think I read included this. That night, I fantasized about finding an old door washed up on my shore and transforming it to look like the one in the picture.














And then I found a post with, well, this, and I think I may have swooned. Just a little. When I came to, I informed LCB that we would be needing a space just like this. You could see that I had just blown his mind by suggesting that our plastic Adirondack chairs were less than ideal.

It’s one of those sites I could spend hours on. Daily.

So there I was Wednesday night, trying to avoid working on a post by exploring Completely Coastal under the pretense of doing blog research. Hey, the small people believed me. Not that they cared. They were just thrilled to be allowed to watch a movie on Netflix on a school night. I could have told them I was busy concocting eternal world peace and they would have nodded acceptingly.

Anyhow, there was a post on building a shell mirror. Now, many of you recall a few weeks ago I asked for some mirror advice for my master bathroom that was mirrorless. I mentioned how I longed for shell mirrors, but because of color considerations and my lack of craftiness, I would likely end up with what I believe I called a lackluster purchase from a big box store.

After I posted about my mirrors, however, I formulated this theory that maybe, with enough tenacity and ingenuity, I could, in the end, bask in shell-adorned mirrors after all. I spent hours visiting stores and pouring over websites and catalogs, determined to prevail. I’m guessing the word “intervention” was starting to run through LCB’s mind at some point during my quest.

In the end?
















I purchased two lackluster mirrors from a big box store.

To my knowledge, there were no shells involved in the making of my mirrors, nor were they even made in a facility that processes shell product.

They are slightly gussied up, what with the pewter beaded lip and all. But they are void of shells.

I had just unwrapped them from the packaging Wednesday morning, proclaimed them acceptable, and was awaiting LCB’s manpower to install the mirrors in my bathroom.

Then, I saw Completely Coastal’s tutorial on making a shell mirror.












Look, her mirror is absolutely gorgeous.

And now, I’m having issues.

Because I want to make this mirror, and I want it to turn out exactly like hers.

However, upon further reflection, I don’t think it would look stunning in my bathroom.

It might work in my bedroom, but I’m skeptical.

Alternately, I’m thinking of building an addition onto the house, for the mirror.

I can deal with the issue of my failure rate with crafty projects later, after LCB’s done with my new sunroom.

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  1. I’m super glad that you have this guilty little pleasure!!!! Agree, shell mirrors don’t work in every room…, it all has to make sense, right. Thanks!!!! Have a great weekend!

    1. I’m glad that you are glad, because my husband has mixed feelings about the whole thing, given that I’m starting to hit him up with project ideas and wish lists! And yes, I suppose it has to make sense, but, seriously, sometimes I just want to throw a bunch of things I like in my house and just “will” them to all work together.

      Thanks for all the great ideas!

  2. I’m right there with you. I love Maya’s posts and features.

    1. It really is not an exaggeration to say that I could spend hours daily on her site. It’s all just so fun and beautiful.

  3. I don’t know–I really still think you could jazz up those mirrors with foundlings from the beach. On another note: I think I really need a sun porch so that I can have that whole outdoor living room/cabana thing going on. Of course a sun porch might necessitate having a great deal more sun that we actually receive.

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