Coastal Christmas Ornaments for 2017

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Baby-Girl and I did some shopping. This is not our typical holiday weekend practice, but the three boys decided to go camping and left us to our own devices for a whole weekend, so Saturday found us hitting all the island shops, scouting out, among other things, coastal Christmas ornaments.

Given that I would soon be preparing this, the seventh annual coastal Christmas ornaments post, the timing was ideal. You know, you would think shopping for beach-themed ornaments would eventually get old. Yet, it really doesn’t. I did, however, limit myself to three purchases this year (up from last year’s one), so I’ll start with these.

Our choices included this sign,

and this shell.

And we know this may not necessarily be coastal, but we felt like the pink hue gave it a bit of a coastal feel (think flamingo), and Baby-Girl liked it enough that she bought another one for her own little Christmas tree.


In the world of Etsy, BabyBirdieCreations sells these in several colors and patterns. The twine around the lid really makes the ornament, I think.


Another of my Etsy favorites this year is from ItsaColorfulLife. My personal philosophy is that you can’t go wrong with sea glass; ornaments are no exception.


The gate and the cottage sign just charmed me on this ornament from California Seashell Company.

I love the fact that you can personalize this ornament from Christmas Mouse by adding names to each of the boards. It comes with two to five boards, and larger families might be able to get creative by also using the two signs on top, which can also be personalized.

This ornament, from Pier 1, is just plain gorgeous. I could look at this one all year long.

You can’t go wrong with any of the Coastal Living suggestions, but this year, I’m partial to the oyster shell ornament I found there from Old World Christmas. The pearl is what makes the ornament.

Finally, for all you DIYers, I’m thinking the DIY message in a bottle ornament is the way to go. As one option, Oriental Trade Company has little bottles for sale that you could fill with sand and messages.

I also really like Zest it Up’s idea of writing a new message each year, wrapping it as a tiny scroll, and placing it with things like sand and shells inside a clear ornament ball.

Whether your holiday decorations are coastal or not, I hope all of you are enjoying the season. And if you have any favorites this year, send them to An Island Mom on Facebook. I’d love to see them!

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