On Thanksgiving

Maybe it’s just my imagination, but the shrimp boats always seem to be the most prevalent near our shoreline right around Thanksgiving. I watch them at dawn, the sun rising fire-like behind them, and in the afternoon, as they travel through the sun’s white path across the waves. At dusk, I watch their lights turn on, and long after their outlines fade into the darkness, their lights still break against the black sky. They seem, these days, to be everywhere, always at work.

Up close, the boats look rough and worn, a visual reminder of the laborious and even dangerous nature of their business. But from the shore, from where I stand, when they cut across the Atlantic, their outriggers extended, seagulls a circling cloud behind them, they are nothing short of beautiful. And now that I’ve spent many years on the coast, watching them this time of year especially, I’ve come to associate them with the season.

This Thanksgiving, whether our work is on land or sea, I hope we are all blessed by and thankful for the bounty our labors bring. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. It’s odd not to see water without pics on it. Happy Thanksgiving, Christine!

    1. Thanks, Kirsten, and Happy Thanksgiving to you! Wish I could head your way tomorrow; I can only imagine what wonders your table will hold.

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