Halloween and Other Thoughts

Don’t worry; I didn’t bring a pumpkin to the beach again this year. This is just a different shot of last year’s pumpkin. I like to get my money’s worth whenever possible. Nor, to my knowledge, have I walked around with a large toothpaste stain on my clothes like last year. There was no need, however; I took care of the ill-kept look yesterday by getting all the way to school and helping the kids out of the car with their bags and instruments without noticing I had a sock wadded up between my thigh and my jeans. Had I been teaching, I can only imagine what my discovery would have looked like, when, perhaps five minutes into first period, I were to discover a wad protruding from my leg that couldn’t be removed without undressing.

When these things happen, it always makes me wonder about things I’ve probably done and never even noticed. There are the things you can’t help but notice you are doing, like chasing your lens cap across your son’s basketball court during one of his games. Then, there are the things you only realize because a bank teller points them out to you post-transaction. So, what if no one brings them to your attention? Just curious.

Sorry. I did intend to write something pithy about Halloween but the above just came out all quick-like. Now I can’t think of anything pithy, so I’ll just close with wishes for a happy Halloween.

Enjoy the day, y’all.

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