In Short, I Brought My Pumpkin to the Beach

First of all, I just unwittingly walked all over the island with a semi-large toothpaste stain on my shirt this morning. And this was, on my honor, after congratulating myself for finding and removing a small, unidentifiable stain on the shirt when I first put it on. This doesn’t really relate to anything at all, but I share this with you merely because I always feel comforted by the faux pas of others, knowing at least some of my blunders are universal. So consider this paying it forward.

IMG_9805Less universal was my decision to bring a pumpkin with me to the beach. I daresay I may have been the only person on this beach (or any beach, for that matter) accompanied by a member of the Cucurbitacae family. Ah, well. If I have to turn heads at the beach, at least it’s in keeping with the holiday.

 Happy Halloween, y’all.

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