Drop, Roll, Fly

One morning, you all wake up and decide it’s the day of the pit.

You start with planning and digging. This takes time, but once it’s done, you’re left with the task of deciding what to do with it.

Rolling down the inside of the pit is a natural first choice,

so you experiment with various rolling positions until one of you ends up with sand in your eye.

You regroup and think. Seeking less sand-in-the-eye and more adventure, you decide to fly for it.

Meaning this

and this:

Also this

and this:

And of course this

followed by this:

By late afternoon you are weary, and two of you go inside to shower. Hearing that dinner will be late, the youngest of you stays outside, however, and the oldest of you, even after a shower and a fresh change of clothes, returns to the beach again.

And soon the oldest of you is undoing what you’ve just done,

rolling yourself in all that sand you were, minutes earlier, so eager to remove.

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