Find Another Way

Here’s the inspirational part of this post that could show up on a motivational poster:

Sometimes, you just have to get out there.

So when the water’s a bit too cold for your tastes,

you just find another way.

And here’s the reality part that won’t show up on any posters (except maybe the ones at

Inspired by your idea, you haul your boat out onto the beach but realize you can’t find your oars.

Not wanting to let inspiration die while you search for your oars, you grab the first thing you can think of to substitute for oars: buckets.

This does not work well.

You can’t seem to get more than five feet from the shore, and in the rowing process, you all get soaked anyway. You bucket-paddle your freezing selves back to shore and ditch the boat.

And the inspirational idea’s coup de grace?  Your parents find the whole thing hilarious.

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