The Colors of the Sea

Long ago, LCB resigned himself to my insatiable penchant for the sea. Now, for instance, when I mention other islands and beaches we could explore on some future vacation, his eyes roll, but LCB is, generally speaking, resigned to a fate I remind him he once willfully chose before God and man when he married me.

Okay, I don’t actually do that, but now that I’ve thought of it, I might try it once and thus secure for myself the fodder for another post.

I think I actually hear a handful of you egging me on so passionately your cries are echoing through the blogosphere.

Some of y’all have your own LCBs, don’t you?

Anyway, for those of you new to these here parts, as my blog name suggests, I live on an island, one that’s relatively small, so the ocean isn’t exactly hard to come by. But I was landlocked in my formative years, and this took a heavy toll. Indeed, it was a tough row to hoe, coming of age in the Midwest, with all the years I spent collecting acorns instead of sea glass and playing cowgirls instead of mermaids.

Forgive me. Being obnoxious is just so enjoyable sometimes.

So anyway again, my penchant drives me to spend a great deal of time observing the ocean, noting, among other things, its changes. When I first moved here, I didn’t realize how much the sea does change, from season to season, from low tide to high tide, from one hour to the next. It is one of the things I love about the sea, how unpredictable it is even amid its predictable patterns.

One aspect of its unpredictability is its change in colors.

100_0760I love, for instance, how for a time, sunrise does this to the water,

100_2906rendering it golden and orange.

IMG_5424Likewise, sunsets often create a layer of pink across the ocean’s surface.

100_7499On days mixed with clouds, the clouds often reach forward to meet the sea foam, and white becomes the overriding color.

100_2824Then there are days of blues and greens, days my camera’s operator will never do justice to, where shades of turquoise and teal wash against deeper blues.

100_0599Of course, the largest spectrum of color sometimes rises up from the ocean and arcs high, high into the sky, beckoning to those with a certain penchant.

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