This Week’s Sky over the Salt Marsh


Monday’s sunrise preceded


a midweek afternoon fog, which cleared and left behind


a lingering sunset.

Then, Friday morning, amid the packing of bags and the herding of small people, I caught a trace of pink reflecting off the glass, and I opened my doors


to find this.

Tonight, watching the sunset, I started thinking about all the times, over all the years of marshside and oceanside living, that I’ve been too busy, too absorbed in the daily tasks of life to open the doors.

Then, I thought about all the times when I’ve been too busy, but I’ve opened the doors anyway.

After some thought, I concluded this: The busyness of a full life is, in the end, mostly a blessing.

And so is the act of opening the doors.

4 Replies to “This Week’s Sky over the Salt Marsh”

  1. What a beautiful post with gorgeous pictures. I agree, “The busyness of a full life is, in the end, mostly a blessing.” 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you agree, although as I write this, overwhelmed with work at the moment, the blessing part is a little hazy! 😉

  2. Beautiful post. And I scrolled through several other posts…I love a sunset. I always maintain Oklahoma has the BEST sunsets and sunrise. It is flat and you can see forever with no trees or mountains to muck up the view.

    But those over the water are pretty spectacular.

    1. Thanks! I love wide-open flat areas that expand as far as the eye can see and Oklahoma, what little I’ve seen of it, is beautiful. I think I’ve even got a bit of a farmer in me, really. There’s something about mile after mile of corn and wheat fields that just appeals to me, so I can see why you’d love it.

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