Latin #4

Latin root #4: VER

Meaning: truth


1. Veracious (adj) (-acious = having quality of): quality of being truthful, honest 

Sometimes, it would be nice if my sons were slightly less veracious in nature. My eldest recently told me, “Mom, I seriously doubt starving people would want your casserole.” He was so totally right, incidentally, but still.

Instead of choosing the veracious route, like my eldest, my youngest chose to flee the scene of the crime (yes, the casserole recipe, obtained from an otherwise credible source, I’ll have you know, was so bad that it should indeed be outlawed), before she could possibly be cajoled into eating more than her obligatory three bites.

2. Verity (n) (-ity = quality, condition): quality of being truthful

The other day, my middle child said, “Mom, I just don’t think you’re really cool enough to do surfing like Dad.” Irritatingly, the verity of that statement won’t be questioned by anyone, ever.

3. Verisimilitude (n) (simil = likeness, pretense): having the appearance of truth, often used to describe realism in art, literature, etc.

I have difficulty watching most movies about teachers because, in my humble opinion as a former teacher, they tend to be lacking in verisimilitude. That being said, I still have fantasies about someday pulling an ex-military martial arts move like Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds, or recreating any number of Robin Williams’ moments in Dead Poets Society.

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  1. Your latin posts are some of my favorite. I appreciate your son’s veracious nature! (I feel that way about most casseroles.)

    1. Island Mom says: Reply

      Thanks. Here in the South, some of my neighbors have been able to turn casserole-making into an art form. Thus far, I’ve had no such luck.

  2. Christine Passchier says: Reply

    Crack me up. I’m laughing and learning big words at the same time. I’m glad Anneliese can’t talk yet and tell me how dorky she thinks I am. Although sometimes I can see it in her eyes.

    1. Island Mom says: Reply

      Oh, girlfriend. Welcome to the world of parenthood, equal parts wonderful and frightening. I’m glad at least someone can get a laugh out of the whole thing. Seriously, I’d love to have a baby/toddler around the house again. Plus, even if they start giving you that look, you can quickly distract them and they instantly think you’re perfect again. I don’t even bother trying that strategy with my oldest anymore.

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