Things Involving Animals Just Keep Happening to Me

Getting all Animal Planet on you lately is not part of my master plan.

It’s just that it just keeps happening to me.

So here we go again. A few days ago, LCB and I took a drive through the woods and found a new stretch of beach to explore. In fact, it turned out to be the very stretch I tried to find a few weeks earlier while looking for my son on his crab-hunting field trip.

LCB was being LCBish, so I was busy being the designated listener during the first few minutes of our walk on the new beach, stopping only to comment on the rather large, hard-to-miss horseshoe crabs scattered along the shoreline.

In retrospect, I have no idea why I didn’t take pictures of the horseshoe crabs on the beach, since I’ve been labeled, by the small people anyway, as the camera-wielding freak of the family ever since I started this whole blog thingamajig.

Yet I somehow came to my senses after we left the beach and snapped a shot of the remains of a shell someone left by the side a tree. Really, it’s fascinating to think about how my mind works in a not-so-much sort of way. Holla if you can relate here.

Anyhow, while walking, suddenly we heard what sounded like the pitter-patter of a thousand small feet scattering before us. We looked down and there were hundreds, probably even thousands of tiny crabs scrambling all around us.

I can still wake and sense when one of the small people shifts slightly in the middle of the night, but it took more than five minutes to notice I was surrounded by thousands of crabs. If this had been a Pixar movie, the crabs would have long ago tied us up and carried us off to their giant, two-inch crab leader, and the small people would have had to come rescue us with the help of an animated but sadly headless Teletubby.

Then again, while this scenario sounds a little far-fetched, I doubt in the end it would feel that much different from our normal daily activities.

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  1. “Holla!” 🙂
    I sometimes say to family, by way of apology/explanation: “I can’t help where my mind takes me…”

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