4 Replies to “Things I Love About Island Living: #4”

  1. Oh, man. Now you’re making me miss the beach so much. We loved going to the beach, no matter the weather, and playing around barefooted. My 3 oldest spent many days barefooted on the beach perfecting their walking skills. Walking barefoot on the pine needles and concrete limbs of the urban jungle just isn’t the same.

    1. Thanks. It is a great place for kids and adults alike. And two of my three kids learned to walk on the beach, which made for some great family stories as well. ‘Course, there was the time my toddler leaned over, with great effort, to pick up a dark shell, only to discover that it was not, in fact, a shell (if you catch my drift). Then again, I suppose that could happen anywhere.

  2. I just love your gentle observation posts. It’s so sweet to see your family embrace what is really “living.”

    1. Thanks. It brings back the best of memories, sorting through some of our pictures.

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