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  • Parental Hits

    LCB and I both took parental hits last week, during the winter storm that froze the alligators in North Carolina and left us considering a move to the equator. LCB took his parental hit by deciding to pull out all his old winter clothes, circa The Early Chicago Years of Our Marriage. Early on in […]

  • Parenting
  • Missing the Obvious: I’m Back for More & Oh, Joy! There Are Two Parts!

    There’s nothing like motherhood to illuminate your incompetencies and to remind you of the high likelihood that at any given time, strange substances might become affixed to your personage or your offspring’s personage. Here’s how my latest reminder went down. One morning recently, I took the small people to school and then went to talk […]

  • Island Life
  • My Boys in the Atlantic

    As I was going through pictures yesterday, it occurred to me how many shots I have of all three of my male family members where they are mostly, if not entirely, submerged in a wave. As I’ve mentioned before, we are not merpeople, but we do manage to make the most of the water. Case […]