The Winner of the Get-Ready-for-Summer Giveaway!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time. It’s time to announce the winner of the Get-Ready-for-Summer-Sweet-Mercy-Will-It-Ever-Get-Here giveaway. (I may have adjusted the title of the giveaway a little because seriously, where is the warm weather already?) Anyhow, it’s time to announce the winner. And the winner is… Holly Dry! Congratulations, Holly! You’ve won the beach bag! […]

A Get-Ready-for-Summer Giveaway!!!

Just because I love all y’all so much, we’re having another giveaway here on An Island Mom! On this quest some call blogging (or as my spell check suggests: bogging, logging, flogging, clogging, or slogging), I’m starting to discover that I like to host giveaways. That way, I don’t have to win to win, you […]

The Giveaway Artist

        As many of you know, in celebration of An Island Mom’s second anniversary, I’m giving away this beach hut canvas to one lucky reader who likes An Island Mom on Facebook, follows me on Twitter @theislandmom, or comments on any posts between March 29 and April 12. I can’t tell you […]