New Life Stategy & New Beach Flooring

Recently, I’ve developed a new life strategy.

It’s founded upon this irrefutable fact: Pretty much, all vegetation in my care comes to a tragic demise eventually, with the possible exception of cacti. And with the definite exception of weeds.

I’m not really sure why, but it just seems to be my fate. Or actually the fate of my vegetation, more appropriately and most unfortunately.

So lately, my new life strategy involves taking pictures of plant life around my island instead of actually bringing any more poor victims into my home.

Not that I know anything about photography either, because I don’t.

The chasm of my ignorance when it comes to photography is both epic and monumental, although changing that is on the bucket list that is on the to-do list I made in May of 1997. I think, anyway.

Meanwhile, I’m just randomly shooting way, offering up my colossal chasm of photographic ignorance to the internet masses.

Just don’t hold my shortcomings against the vegetation.

In an entirely unrelated development, we removed the icky pet-stained carpet from our lives forever last week, and now the “bowels of the house” feel clean for the first time since we’ve moved in. Notice the brilliant coastal-themed decorating that I spent hours researching and designing, scouring consignment shops and traveling to High Point, NC and various French coastal locations to create? Surely all the top coastal design firms will shortly be knocking on my door, asking me for tips on how to create a similar look in their clients’ beachfront mansions. No, seriously, at some point, there may be a further plan for this room that will include more than just the obvious repainting that is necessary, but for now, I am happy with the results and consider wood laminate flooring to be one of the top five man-made wonders of the world.

And actually, my decorator is none other than She Who Collects Shells,

who found most of the shells on the table on our walk last night.

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