A Quick Funny Lake Michigan Story

Sunrise over the Atlantic


I just have to share this one with you, as my nephew reminded me of this story the other day.

He had some friends a few years back who decided that they wanted to watch the sun rise over Lake Michigan. These were teenagers, I think on their summer vacation, so I imagine that rising before dawn to drive quite a few miles to the lake was somewhat of a commitment, so to speak.

But they did it. They rose before dawn, dressed, and drove to the beach. And sat. And sat. And sat. The sky started to lighten, and yet the sun played coy with them. And then, at some point, they thought about exactly where in they world they were.

As it turns out, they were on the Michigan side (the east side) of the lake, and apparently, even in Michigan, the sun rises in the east.

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  1. How funny! When I read what the teens were up to, I thought of it like a Michigander, and wondered how on earth they would see the sunRISE over Lake Michigan? We always go to see the sunSET.

    1. I know. Besides having a basic understanding of where MI is situated in relation to Lake Michigan, I’ve watched quite a few sunsets there myself, so right when he started telling the story, I was completely puzzled, thinking, “No one could actually go out there and try to watch it without figuring it out at some point prior to that.” But no other explanation made sense, and of course, that is in fact what happened.

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