Girlfriend’s Got the Moves

When we first moved to the beach, I awoke one morning to see a young tourist couple out on their nearby deck landing, doing yoga.

At the time, I remember being in awe of their lack of inhibitions, how unmoved they seemed by the thought of all the people sitting in their homes or on their decks drinking coffee and watching “the tourists who’d clearly gone plumb fool crazy.” This may have also been colored by my complete inability to even say the words “downward facing dog” or “cow face pose,” for instance, without breaking into hysterics. I can only imagine that if I ever attempted yoga on the beach, unless it was with a large group perhaps, I’d be so convulsed with laughter I’d look much more like a heart attack victim than a yogi, a yogist, or a yogini.

See, just writing those names had me laughing for five minutes just now. As I’ve mentioned, I’m just not that mature.

I do get a special kind of thrill when I see children, particularly my own, out on the beach, acting without inhibitions. On an especially good day, I might have a camera in hand to document their exploits. The other day was especially good, so I thought you might get a kick out of Baby-girl’s latest dance moves.

100_7049100_7047100_7044100_7045What’s she’s lacking in inhibitions she makes up for in moves.

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