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  1. Happy Halloween!!! It’s been spooky here in NYC with all the lights out around us…

    1. Wow. I almost can’t even imagine that. Hope they’re back soon!

  2. Central NJ is a mess. We lost power at 6:30 on Monday night. We got it back at 10 am on Tuesday. But the street across from us is out, as is about half of the town. Our last spruce came down, right between the cars, and did no damage. Our neighbors’ 50 year old pin oak came down through their fence and covers a good portion of our back yard, but just the thin top outer branches hit our house. No damage, not even pulling the gutters off. We are amazingly lucky. So many are so much worse off and have lost so much. We’ve offered hot dinner, a chance to charge phones and check email, laundry facilities, and hot showers to others. It’s not much, but it’s something. I have to say that there were moments when I real wished I had sent my 6 year old down to NC with my parents when they left on Monday morning. Gov. Christie has postponed Halloween until Monday.

    Glad that Sandy did nothing to your area. Hope you all had a great Halloween.

    1. I’m so sorry your area got hit hard. I can’t believe some of the pictures I’ve seen. I hope your neighbors get their power back soon. It’s so sad hearing about some of the damage they’ve sustained. I’m so glad that tree didn’t end up on your house, either. How is The Cub reacting to all of this? I imagine it was a scary storm for some children to experience.

      I thought I heard something about Halloween being postponed. I hope things are cleared out enough by then for the kids to enjoy themselves.

      Prayers extended your way.

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