A Weekend in Pictures

My older son was exuberant over a day off of school this week. (Actually, that may have been his mother I’m remembering.)

My younger son spent a significant portion of one afternoon waiting for breaks in the waves so he could practice his swimming strokes. I’m not sure how much actual practice he managed, but he certainly demonstrated his tenacity.

My daughter took up boogie boarding. She’s playing with the big boys now. (There’ll be more on that later.)

Morning, afternoon, and evening, we made extensive use of these. Extensive.

For most of the islands, the Labor Day weekend marks the last big burst of tourists before the crowds lessen a bit and we ease into “locals’ season.”

In late afternoon, the pace on the beach slows somewhat, even though we’re already all operating on “island time” anyway.

Finally, it’s early evening on the beach. The small people don their pajamas while I slip cookies in the oven and LCB uncorks the Cotes du Rhone.

In times like these, it’s good to be an island mom.

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  1. Oh I so love the sunshine in your photos. I can feel the suns rays all the way over here in Ireland!

    1. Thanks. Although sometimes, I wouldn’t mind a little more of your “green.” 🙂

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