The Last Beach Day Before School Started

First, my prayers go out for all the people who have already experienced Tropical Storm Isaac and for all the people potentially in its path the next few days. May it leave little sign of its passage.

Next, I have a brief island life update for you. Naturally, stuff’s happened since we started school, as it always does. But I’m a little behind at the moment, so I’m stepping back in time a few days to show you our last big beach day before school started.

The tidal pools were abundant that afternoon, so warm they felt like shallow hot tubs, almost too warm for my tastes.

But the small people loved them, Baby-girl in particular, and spent a good part of the afternoon running back and forth between the ocean and the “pools.”

My older son found a sand dollar in one of the tidal pools, looking rather pink and very much alive. We hoped the tourists would all leave well enough alone until the tide came back in and the creature could return to sea. Before we left, however, with the tide only just beginning to move in, we noticed the sand dollar was missing, which didn’t bode well for its future.

The boys took out “The Island,” a large, circular raft that fits two to five people, depending on your personal space requirements.

I tried to get pictures of them goofing around on The Island (FYI, it’s not unlike a floating slip-n-slide, being quite slippery and with little to hold on to), but some lady kept swimming right by them, smiling at my camera the whole time. It was a little weird, y’all.

Maybe she was just picking up on my world famous blogger aura and saw me as her ticket to fame.

My apologies, ma’am.

Better luck next time.

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