To The Salt Marsh (And Back Again)

Once upon a time, a king named LCB and his three small people (two princes and a princess) decided to use the younger prince’s remote control boat.

They went to a nearby lagoon known for its smooth, crystal waters and drove the boat round and round the lagoon, until they noticed a nearby baby alligator was swimming toward their boat.

So they took the boat and returned to the castle that the queen was currently painting herself for reasons that were becoming increasingly unclear even to Her Highness the more she painted.

After a brief gathering at the rectangular-shaped table, they decided to go out into the salt marsh and use the boat in the waters there.

And so they forged a path through a salt marsh much like an enchanted forest, except it wasn’t enchanted and it wasn’t a forest.

But other than that, it was greatly similar.

On they went, deeper and deeper into the salt marsh, past the tall thick grass at the edge, beyond even the ancient, mysterious bird feeder, heading closer and closer to the water.

Then they stopped.

Startled by the water forming underneath their feet, they realized the tide was indeed coming in, making the marsh bottom mucky and almost as dangerous as a fire-breathing dragon, except there was no fire, nor a dragon, nor any actual danger, unless you count the danger of getting their boots muddy.

But other than that, it was greatly similar.

And so they returned to their castle once again.

That evening, the small people lived happily ever after, until they had to go to bed, and then they were not so happy.

And then, the king and queen sat out on their balcony overlooking the salt marsh, inhaled the peace, listened to the soft breathing of their sleeping small people, sipped wine from their jewel-encrusted chalices and lived happily ever after.

Except neither of them actually sat out on their balcony, nor did they inhale the peace, nor listen to the soft breathing of their small people, nor sip wine from jewel-encrusted chalices, because they both still had work to do.

But other than that, it was greatly similar.

The End

10 Replies to “To The Salt Marsh (And Back Again)”

  1. Very cute! I love the ancient mysterious bird feeder. And that is one talented Queen, that can paint and take such nice pictures!

    1. Oh, and you should see her do laundry and exercise simultaneously, too. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the Monday morning giggle. Much needed.

    1. What, a mother of four needs a Monday morning giggle? Don’t tell me you need coffee, too???

      1. Shhhh!!! Don’t spill my secret. And I don’t just need coffee…I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEED coffee.

        1. Oh, so “need” as in how I need chocolate, huh? Oh, right, how you need chocolate too.

  3. Oh, please please please ~ sit on your balcony, inhale the peace, listen to the soft breathing, and sip wine! The work will wait ten minutes! 🙂

    1. This weekend, my friend. This weekend, the work will wait, hopefully a great deal longer than 10 minutes, too. 🙂

  4. I hope that you had many, many hours to sip wine from jeweled goblets while overseeing your Domain over the weekend. Or from a dixie cup. So long as their was a little wine & time to relax, it’s all good.

    1. Thanks. Yes, the key is to try not to start it so late that five minutes into it, you both are falling asleep into your wine chalice. Unfortunately, we’ve been there, done that more than once.

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